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About The Dinosaur's Skin



現代社會生存不易,二龍為了抒發恐龍滅絕的哀傷開始寫歌。寫下好友們死去的孤獨、緬懷恐龍時代快樂的時光、與淒美的跨時空之戀......也期望藉由寫歌,尋找世界上其他的恐龍同伴們。音樂風格結合indie pop、indie rock、dream pop、lofi pop,在一些人類好友的幫助之下,2021年6月出了第一張EP《Millions of Years Apart》,其中同名單曲 “Millions of Years Apart” 入圍金音獎最佳另類流行歌曲。

A Jurassic-Pop duo from prehistoric times, members Trex and Tri found themselves in the streets of modern day Taipei after fleeing from the devastation of the asteroid that wiped out the dinosaurs 65 millions years ago. 


To mourn for the losses of their deceased friends and to tell the stories of the good old days, they started writing and performing music as a way of coping with modern life. By spreading the tales of the dinosaurs, they hope to one day find other survivors of their kind. In June 2021, with the help of many good human beings, The Dinosaur’s Skin released their first EP 《Millions of Years Apart》which was nominated for the Golden Indie Music Award for best alternative pop song.

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