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The Dinosaur's Skin presents


Public sale start:
Oct 31st12:00 pm (GMT+8)

10/28 12:00pm - 10/30 23:59

*請使用電腦google chrome,安裝METAMASK

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Welcome comrades of The Dinosaur’s Skin! We are here to infiltrate the Baggysaurus Cult and fight it from the inside! Latest intel tells us that the Baggysaurus Cult has its roots in the metaverse, join us by getting the NFT and become our spy! Mission start!

各位朋!為惹揭發紙袋龍教ㄉ真面目..這ㄍ計畫..需要大家,來擔任偶悶ㄉ雙面間諜。唯有真正成為紙袋龍教徒,滲透他悶ㄉ想法..了解敵人,才口以戰勝紙袋龍教!ㄍㄍ ㄍ..最新情報の發現,紙袋龍教與元宇宙息息相關( ꒪Д꒪)ノ驚呆!! 加入NFT,成為偶悶ㄉSPY,一起解開紙袋龍教徒ㄉ密…


🟡 Public Sale Amount:87

🟡 Total Supply:187

🟡 Public Sale Price:0.0587ETH

⚪️ Presale Price:0.0487ETH

⚪️ Presale List Announcement:10/26 22:00

⚪️ Presale Start :10/28 noon 12:00 - 10/30 23:59

🔴 Public Sale Start:10/31 noon 12:00

🟡 公售數量:87

🟡 發行總數:187

🟡 售價:0.0587ETH

⚪️ 優先購售價:0.0487ETH

⚪️ 公佈優先購名單:10/26 22:00

⚪️ 優  先  購:10/28 中午12:00 - 10/30 23:59

🔴 正式啟售:10/31 中午12:00

Untitled_Artwork 10.jpg

What will you get from this NFT?

0. Become our spy in the Baggysaurus Cult

1. A special edition Baggysaurus Cult T-shirt for the first owner

2. 10% off for future The Dinosaur’s Skin solo concerts!

3. 10% off future The Dinosaur’s Skin merch!

4. Special discount for future NFT releases


*Super rare one of a kind NFT also available

0. 成為偶悶ㄉ間諜,一起殲滅..紙袋龍教

1. 第一個持有者…口以擁有一件紙袋龍教のTshirt!

2. 恐龍的皮の專場門票9折!

3. 恐龍的皮の周邊,9折!

4. 如果有...下ㄧㄍNFT,會有優惠



About the Baggysaurus Cult

It all started in June 2022. An egg of great importance to us had gone missing. As we searched for the egg, we fell into a trap and was kidnapped by the Baggysaurus Cult. The Baggysaurus Cult is a mysterious religious group, with the members showing up with a paper bag over their head to hide their faces. On the bag, a long necked dinosaur is drawn as a sacred symbol. During our captivity, we were tortured and experimented on, they showed great interest in our bodies… Their leader has never fully revealed his/her identity, always shown through a television, they call him/her Mr. Brachiosaurs. Fortunately, we were rescued by The Dinosaur’s Skin’s amazing fans, but the whereabout of our egg remains unknown and the Baggysaurus Cult is still lurking in the shadows. It’s up to all of us to reveal the true identity of their leader and put an end to all this evil!

一切都發生債2022年ㄉ6月。 有一顆對偶悶來說,很重要ㄉ蛋蛋失蹤了。在尋蛋ㄉ過程中,偶悶卻在博物館裡遭到紙袋龍教綁架。 紙袋龍教,一ㄍ神秘ㄉ宗教團體,眾信徒現身ㄉ時候,總是戴著紙袋,紙袋上畫著一隻藍色の長脖子恐龍。 綁架ㄉ過程飽受折磨,依稀知道,他悶對偶悶ㄉ身體非常有興趣,做惹很多可怕ㄉ實驗。 紙袋龍教ㄉ教主…腕龍先生..本尊從沒現身過,總是透過一ㄍ電視機,對信徒發號施令... 好險,透過大家ㄉ拯救,偶悶逃出惹紙袋龍教ㄉ魔掌。但是蛋蛋仍然不知下落,紙袋龍教ㄉ魔掌也越乃越大,可怕! 一定咬找到教主,一舉殲滅!!

What should I prepare?






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