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If I Say I Love You ft. Summer Salt  (single, 2023)


In My Dreams (You're Not Extinct) (single, 2023)

Neck and Neck (single, 2022)

Millions of Years Apart  (EP, 2021)

1. Jurassic Ride

2. Millions of Years Apart

3. All My Friends Are Dead

Take It Slow w/ Crispy (single, 2022)


The Dinosaur's Skin is a band formed by members "Trex" and “Triceratops”. They are two dinosaurs from the Cretaceous period 65 million years ago, who survived the mass extinction and traveled through a wormhole to the streets of Taipei. They started making music to mourn their lost friends and express their sorrow. Through music, they hope to find the remaining dinosaurs in the world.

The Dinosaur's Skin primarily creates songs in English, with a playful and satirical tone. Their themes revolve around the experiences in the dinosaur era, mainly in the Jurassic and Cretaceous periods. Their musical style encompasses elements of bedroom pop, indie rock, dream pop, synth pop, and lo-fi. They heavily use distortion, overdrive, tape delay, and chorus for their distinctive vocals, combined with detuned and tremolo electric guitars and toy-like, distorted synthesizers. Their unique sound transports listeners into a twisted Jurassic dream.

In June 2021, they released their first EP, "Millions of Years Apart," which was nominated for the Best Vocal Group at the 32nd Golden Melody Awards. The title track "Millions of Years Apart" was also nominated for the Best Alternative Pop Song at the 12th Golden Music Awards.


For any collaborations, please contact us via our email or reach out to our human manager, Mei.


Human Manager: Mei

・Mei's Whatsapp/Phone: +886 978 688 586

・Mei's Email:

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